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Winextra | April 20, 2014

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Foodie Goodness

Deep Fried Nacho Cheese And Meat Shot Glasses – Yes You Read That Right

September 27, 2012 | 1

What you see above folks is simple … well .. mind-boggling. I mean who would have thought to take a can of nacho cheese, make ice cubes (or would that be nacho cheese cubes?) out of the cheese, and then wrap each cube in a batter of egg, milk, and corn flour before dropping them into the deep fryer.

Well apparently some food blogger by the name of Nick who says that swapping out the flour for corn flour make the outside taste like a taco shell.

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Chocolate Brownie Pudding Vodka Shots – Yes They Really Exist

September 1, 2012 |

Think you’re pretty hot flavored jello shots eh.

Well, check this out buddy because I think I just one-upped you when you weren’t looking thanks to Erica’s Sweet Tooth.

Yup, I definitely think these chocolate pudding shots will trump your wiggly jello ones and if you think you’re man enough to try them head over to Erica’s site and get the recipe and make some up for yourself, and a friend if you feel like sharing.

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The Threadless Cake Contest – Enough To Make Your Sweet Tooth Whimper [Pics]

August 26, 2012 |

Most people, especially those who love awesomely creative t-shirts, will recognize the name Threadless as being one of the premier on-line t-shirt shops, what you may not know is that every year they sponsor a contest called ThreadCakes.

The contest lets very talented cake artists strut their stuff by submitting cakes to the contest that closely match designed that can be found on Threadless t-shirts. Read More

The Hot Dog Toaster That You Didn’t Know You Wanted – Til Now

August 23, 2012 |

Every once in a while a product comes a long that in first light seems really stupid but then you realize that – wait a minute – I want this.

Well this Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster fits right in that category and before you start laughing at  me take a minute and just think how handy this would be for that late night snacking time and only for $19 at Amazon. Read More

You Know You Want This On Your Lunch Menu – Right Now!

August 15, 2012 |

Never mind Dairy Queen and their wimpy sundaes, this badass sundae is all you need to make it through the afternoon with. Now tell me you wouldn’t line up ten deep to get one of these. via Bits And PiecesRead More

What An Awesome Wedding Cake For Star Trek Fans

August 5, 2012 |

This my friends is a cake masterpiece that was created by the aunt of redditor pat_inthehat for some lucky couple getting married. You might not be able to eat the little spaceships swarming around the cube but that probably won’t stop the cake from disappearing. Read More

OMG! I’m In Heaven – Deep Fried Mashed Potatoes [Pics]

August 1, 2012 | 1

I don’t normally go in for this whole deep fry anything that moves, or doesn’t move, but when I saw this post over at DudeFoods it stopped me in my tracks. I really like mashed potatoes but even they can get boring after awhile but this easy smeasy recipe removes that boredom. Read More

Paddy Long’s Beer And Bacon Pub Brings You Beer Battered Bacon – Natch!

July 25, 2012 |

You know that bacon has gone mainstream when it becomes a drawing card for a drinking establishment, or at least if you happen to live in Chicago and frequent Paddy Long’s Beer and Bacon Pub. Read More