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Winextra | April 24, 2014

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West Side Story Meets Superhero Cosplayers

October 21, 2013 |

The musical West Side Story was, and still is a classic set in the 50′s; but what if the characters in that famous story were actually superheroes. Read More

Nic Cage Has Nothing On This Sexy Ghost Rider Cosplay

October 19, 2013 | 1

I am a big fan of the comic book series Ghost Rider and will never forgive Nic Cage for forever ruining the character for movies but thankfully he hasn’t ruined the character for cosplayers. Read More

The Wonder Woman That Nightmares Are Made Of

October 16, 2013 |

This past weekend the hugely successful New York Comic-Con took over the city and as with all of these types of events the cosplayers were there in full force. Now normally the cosplay we see are really well done efforts of talented people bringing their favorite characters to life. Read More

A Cosplay Roundup For Your Weekend – 9.29.13

September 29, 2013 |

As the weekend comes to a close it’s time once again to head into the awesome world of cosplay with our weekly collection of some of the greatest cosplay from the past week. Read More

A Cosplay Roundup For Your Weekend – 9.22.13

September 22, 2013 | 1

It’s been a busy week around here and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down next week either but that hasn’t stop me from being able to find some great looking cosplay for you. Read More

This Dude Has Some Serious Ultron Cosplay Happening

September 17, 2013 |

We might be waiting until 2015 before the next The Avengers: Age of Ultron hits the theaters but cosplayer Ryan Hicks isn’t waiting to show them how it’s done. Read More

A Cosplay Roundup For Your Weekend With A Video Bonus

September 15, 2013 |

Typically when we think of cosplayers it is a single person creating a living interpretation of their favorite character, whether it be from the comic books, movies or television. Read More

The Incredible Skyrim Weapons You Could Actually Own

September 14, 2013 |

While I don’t play it very often Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is one of the games that I like delving into every once in awhile. It is also a video game that has sparked some pretty incredible cosplays of characters from it. Read More