Your Breakfast Sandwich Maker And Other Leftover Links

Your Breakfast Sandwich Maker And Other Leftover Links

I’ve tried making those fancy Egg McMuffin type things for my wife (she loves them) but the eggs always mess me up so this breakfast sandwich maker might be just up my alley. After all I can use all the brownie points I can get and if the image is enough to entice you how about a video.

How two volunteers built the Raspberry Pi’s operating system - Ars Technica

Toot Toot: First Steamboxes Might Be Here By June - Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Google Downranks The Pirate Bay in UK Search Results - TorrentFreak

Microsoft confirms it will now let consumers transfer Office 2013 to a different PC - The Next Web

EU fines Microsoft €561 million for not giving users a browser choice - Ars Technica

This Sleek Bike Helmet Makes Sure That Hit And Run Drivers Get Caught - Fast Company

NDP Calls It: Bill C-56 is “ACTA Through the Backdoor” - Michael Geist

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