Your body armor gets a serious steampunk treatment. Take that Kevlar!

A long, long time ago no self-appointed hero of the realm would ever dream of being seen without his, or hers, armor. Whether it be something as simple as a well crafted jerkin with chain mail or some full body suit of metal you just didn’t travel far without some sort of protection.

Fast forward to today and the sale of things like Kevlar vests or bulletproof suits is the de rigueur of everyone from soldier to inner city business person.

However nothing from then or now comes even close to looking as good as these steampunk versions of body armor called “Emperors Armor of Empowerment” by Ian Finch-Field. His name alone evokes a whole steampunk feeling but his work is just gorgeous.

Of course such craftsmanship isn’t cheap as the first custom armor below sells for $10,270. So you might want to stick with that Kevlar vest for a little longer.

via Randomization

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