When You Have A Sleep Over Make Sure The New Kid Checks The Closet [Video]

Horror movie characters might just be that, unless of course you live in Derry where checking under the bed and double checking the closet before lying down to sleep take on a whole new meaning. It’s also the town where a babysitter with a black belt in karate and proficient with a knife is worth their weight in gold.

The film by Chris Cullari is describe like this on its Vimeo page:

2012 Official Selection of Fantastic Fest, Shriekfest, Knoxville Horror Fest, Vassar FilmFest, and winner of “The Cabin In the Woods”/Lionsgate/Vimeo contest! THE SLEEPOVER is a proof-of-concept for a feature film about a town living “between the sequels” of its infamous masked killer.

via io9

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