The Only Pink Lamborghini In The World Brings A Girl's Wish Come True [Video]

The Only Pink Lamborghini In The World Brings A Girl’s Wish Come True [Video]

There is a little girl in England by the name of Emilia who suffers from a serious lung condition that requires her to rely on oxygen to be able to breathe. Like most kids Emilia had a wish and that was to ride in a pink Lamborghini driven by Top Gear’s Richard Hammond.

In most cases though wishes like this will never see the light of day but Emilia’s mother contacted the UK children’s charity Rays of Sunshine to see if they could pull off the impossible, which amazingly they did.

In conjunction with Rays of Sunshine Joe Doyle, chief executive of HR Owen, and Top Gear’s Richard Hammond came together, took a white Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, and painted it an electric pink.

Hammond then flew in his helicopter to the airfield, collected the bright pink car, drive it to Emilia’s home where he then took a very surprised girl for a drive back to the airfield and took her for a very spin down the airstrip.

via Shock Mansion