The 'Closer' Sci-Fi Short Is Better Than Some Of This Summer's Movies [Video]

The ‘Closer’ Sci-Fi Short Is Better Than Some Of This Summer’s Movies [Video]

I have one word to say about Closer – wow! Okay make that two more words – Holy Crap!

Seriously though Closer, from the collective Lords of Illusions, is definitely a very well done sci-fi short film . It tells the tale of two people, Luke and Sarah, who think that they are just going to have a fun weekend camping and loving. It escalates quickly to something else entirely different.

Something terrifying is happening to the Earth. Luke and Sarah, unaware of the danger, are just worried about having a passionate offhand camping weekend. Two unexpected guests will ruin their plans.

This short film is apparently a part of a larger project that would see this effort hit the silver screen through traditional and crowdfunding means. I for one sure hope it does, especially if it keeps the quality shown in this short.

You can follow the project on both its website and on their Facebook page.

via Geeks are Sexy