So, How Popular Is Mass Effect 3? [Infographic]

So, How Popular Is Mass Effect 3? [Infographic]

Mass Effect is one of my favorite FPS/RPG games even though I’m only halfway through number 2 in the series, and Mass Effect 3 will probably have to wait until it hits a Steam sale.

However with Mass Effect 3 being the last on the series for the franchise some gamers are worried that we won’t be seeing any more of the treasured Mass Effect world. Well don’t get to worried because those rumors that there might be more to come has been confirmed that work on the next series has begun; and that it will be a fresh start for the game.

This news came at the Bioware “Mass Effect retrospective” panel at this year’s PAX East event where they also released a splashy infographic with some fun facts about gameplay, gamers, and Mass Effect 3.

So, How Popular Is Mass Effect 3 - Infographic

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