Russian designer drug Krokodil will eat you to the bone before killing you [Video]
After effects of the Russian designer drug Krokodil

Russian designer drug Krokodil will eat you to the bone before killing you [Video]

I’m not sure how many ways you can say “Not Cool” when it comes to doing drugs but this new designer drug that is hitting Russia really hard brings us a whole new level of WTF!

The drug is called Krokodil; and this is no joke – it will eat the skin, and muscle, right off your body while you are still alive.

The drug is a substitute for heroin and is made by cooking codeine which turns it into desomorphine which is then injected to give the person that heroin high but for pennies on dollar when compared to the more expensive ‘real thing’. Where the danger really occurs though is with the agents used to cook the codeine which include: gasoline, red phosphorus, iodine, and hydrochloric acid.

This results in a final product of an orange colored liquid, which when injected results in skin irritation – the scaly look that gives name to the drug, and eventually due to the breakdown of the skin around the injection point gangrene sets in.

The main reason say experts that Krokodil hasn’t hit the U.S. yet is because of our regulation of codeine as a prescription drug. In Russia this isn’t the case but that has stopped reports of the drug spreading to other European countries.

But knowing our love of the ‘high’ I don’t imagine it will be long before ER’s start seeing cases showing up.

UPDATE: There is a new post up with news that Krokodil has finally landed in the US - read it here

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