Robotic Snake Can Now Wrap Itself Around Objects [Video]

Robotic Snake Can Now Wrap Itself Around Objects [Video]

For the most part the robotic snakes, big and small, that we’ve seen in action have been limited to crawling along the ground, however that has now changed thanks to the mad scientists at Carnegie Mellon University.

The Biorobotics Laboratory at the university has been working on robot snakes for a few years now and have made us believe that they are meant only for use in search and rescue missions; but this latest evolution belies that falsehood.

You see they have managed to not only create a robotic snake that can now be thrown through the air and wrap itself around objects (like your neck maybe??) but it can also move forward in that curled position.

They say that that they haven’t managed to perfect the constricting algorithm yet but I am sure that it is only a matter time.

via The Verge