Netflix's Revival Of Jericho Could Actually Be Happening

Netflix’s Revival Of Jericho Could Actually Be Happening

Jericho was one of those rare televisions series’ that got cancelled after the first season only to be revived by CBS for a second season due to an outpouring of “Oh No!” from serious fans of the show.

Unfortunately though that wasn’t enough to save it from a second cancellation by the network. Even after being cancelled a second time the show’s fans proved to be a diehard bunch, almost as diehard as Firefly fans, and have been hanging off of any rumor that the show might be revived once more.

The story of Jericho did continue with a highly successful comic book run and could, as suggested by series creator Stephen Chbosky, provide the starting point for a new run at the series. Then not long ago a rumor started that Netflix was considering the possibility of picking up the series as part of its push into original programming.

Well it seems that those rumors may just come to fruition if what Chbosky had to say at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival holds any water:

“You know WME (William Morris Endeavor) Agency, who represents me, Jon Turteltaub and many other people, and they’ve been talking to Netflix and you never know. I can’t say what it will be in season three, but I’m excited for the new developments… Well, if you really, really want to know about season three, the best thing would be to read the comics. That tells a better story.”

As a fan of the show I have to admit that I would love to see this actually happen but I’m not holding my breath.

via Blastr