The Functional Contact Lens Monitors Blood Sugar without Needles

Microsoft Research at it again – Blood sugar monitor contact lenses [Video]

Say what you want about Microsoft as a company but their Research department is always looking to try and do some pretty incredible things that go beyond just making the company money and look to make a difference in people’s lives.

Case in point is a project they are working on that will allow you to wear contact lenses that are able to monitor you blood glucose level and while that may not seem all that incredible tell that to someone with diabetes. To be able to know what your levels are without having to constantly prick yourself, which gets to be rather painful, would be a godsend.

At this point the research team has figured out how to build a glucose sensor into a contact lens, as well as contact lens with built-in radios and antennas to transmit data wirelessly. The trick now is to bring those two technologies together in one pair of contact lenses.

There is still a lot of work to do but I am sure that diabetics around the world are rooting for them to get the system working.

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  1. This is useful indeed, but it wouldn’t work for me if I ever needed to monitor my blood sugar: I simply can’t wear contact lenses.

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