Jörge "Slingshot Dude" Sprave Takes Us To His "Hansel & Gretel" Slingshots [Video]

Jörge “Slingshot Dude” Sprave Takes Us To His “Hansel & Gretel” Slingshots [Video]

If you are not familiar with who Jörge Sprave is then you obviously have been living under a rock because when it comes to insane rubber powered slingshot of all kinds he is the man.

If it can be made from rubber and shoot all kinds of wacky stuff then Jörge has probably thought of it and shown it on his YouTube channel, so it should come as no surprise that he felt a certain affinity with the upcoming movie Hansel & Gretel and all their crazy weapons.

Now none of these videos have been sanctioned by Paramount but rather made out of Jörge’s love of crazy slingshots and having a whole bunch of fun.

Oh and the third had to be his most insane “slingshot” yet.

via Gamma Squad