Halo's Master Chief Done In Glass

Halo’s Master Chief Done In Glass

My first ex-wife works in stain glass so I have some idea of the talent that it takes to pull off this absolutely gorgeous stain glass piece of art of the Master Chief so I definitely give Evan Daniels, the artist behind it, a big thumbs up.

The amazing piece has 200 pieces of glass and measures 50″(H) x 40″(W) which took over 70 hours to create. Of course anything this involved and beautiful isn’t going to come cheap, and to be honest I think Evan deserves every penny of the $3,000USD he is asking for his stain glass masterpiece.

From Evan’s Etsy page, where you can admire this even more as well as find out more about it:

This thing was a beast. Measures 50″x40″, took around 70 hours at ~200 pieces. Used around 250 feet of copper foil, 6 rolls of solder, 45 feet of reinforcement stripping, 15 feet of rebar steel reinforcement, and 14 feet of zinc framing. This panel comes in at a hair under 14 square feet and it’s pretty heavy. I created the design template myself.

via Technabob