Dude goes ink crazy, has 10,000 URLs tattooed on his body [Video]
Pat Vaillacourt and his URL tattoos

Dude goes ink crazy, has 10,000 URLs tattooed on his body [Video]

I didn’t realize that this was even something that they were keeping track of but it seems that Pat Vaillancourt is the current record holder for the biggest number of URLs tattooed on his body.

How many URLs does it take to hit the record books you ask?


Yup you read that right. 10,000 of them and he’s apparently not going to stop until he has 100,000 of them covering his body. Of course he says this is all for a good cause because he will tattoo your URL on his body for the price of $35.00, half of which will be donated to charity.

People and businesses can pay $35 to have their URL tattooed on Pat’s body and listed on his website, Back2thelight.com, with half the proceeds being donated to help the people of Haiti and Somalia. Vaillancourt says the other half is used to pay for his tattoos and promote the project. If my calculations are correct, he hopes to ultimately raise $3.5 million, including expenses.

via Oddity Central

Okay the fact that the dude is from Quebec explains everything but hey it’s a good cause so if you’d like your URL to exist somewhere other than the Web drop by Pat’s site and toss him the bucks and be immortalized.