Cascade Coalescence

Cascade Coalescence or the amazing physics of a water droplet [Video]

So a drop of water falls onto a puddle of water and gets absorbed faster than you can blink an eye .. right?

Wrong or at least thanks to this pretty cool video we can see that this is indeed not the case but rather is more like a pebble skipping across the water getting smaller as it goes.

As the guys at Fuck Yeah Fluid Dynamics puts the phenomena:

When a droplet impacts a pool at low speed, a layer of air trapped beneath the droplet can often prevent it from immediately coalescing into the pool. As that air layer drains away, surface tension pulls some of the droplet’s mass into the pool while a smaller droplet is ejected. When it bounces off the surface of the water, the process is repeated and the droplet grows smaller and smaller until surface tension is able to completely absorb it into the pool.

Here’s the video.

via io9 and Geeks are Sexy 

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  1. A long time ago, I saw a slow-motion droplet movie like that, that the Disney people had made in order to make the raindrops in Bambi as realistic as possible. Because of the technological constraints at the time, they used milk instead of water for a better contrast.

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