Another sci-fi fan film for Hollywood to drool over [Video]
Goliath - a sci-fi concept trailer

Another sci-fi fan film for Hollywood to drool over [Video]

One of the incredible things about technology, the Web, and the Internet is that it puts the tools to do great things in the hands of anybody who wants to create that next awesome thing.

Whether it be a scientific discovery or beautiful music or even some of the best movie magic of the quality to make Hollywood hang their collective heads in shame anyone with a talent can find the tools to create their dream and a way to get it to the world.

Recently we posted about the great sci-fi animated short called ROSA by Jesús Orellana and how it has now been picked up by Hollywood, now we bring you another great trailer style sci-fi short by Alex Popov called Goliath.

Made with $150 Popov did all the props, camera work, directing, and the special effects by himself and did a fantastic job at that.

I think that Hollywood has another very good movie idea knocking on their door, wonder who will be smart and make the call to Popov.