Agent 47's "Tools Of The Trade" Featurette For Hitman Absolution [Video]

Agent 47’s “Tools Of The Trade” Featurette For Hitman Absolution [Video]

Anything is lethal in the hands of 47” and this featurette from IO Interactive is going to show you just how lethal he can be.

I played the first Hitman in the series and thought it was alright but I have skipped the rest of the series so I’m not sure if I’ll be lining this one up for buying or not, however, that doesn’t change the fact that this is a pretty well done game trailer that introduces you to the tools of the trade for Agent 47 in the newest of the series Hitman Absolution.

If this makes you feel a little more inclined in picking up the series when it launches November 20th then you might want to head over to Amazon where you can preorder it for $58.99.

In the meantime enjoy a little mayhem.

via Unfinished Man