A pocket watch any geek worth their salt would want [Video]
The Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch

A pocket watch any geek worth their salt would want [Video]

Okay, I don’t normally talk about watches since, well, they’re pretty mundane and watches seem to be slowly fading away in favor of a good smartphone (kinda sad though).

However when I saw this post over at the Crave blog it stopped me in my scrolling adrool just a little; and besides I’ve always had a weak spot for pocket watches.

Which shouldn’t be too surprising since this cool piece of time keeping is from Tokyoflash, the purveyor of some of the coolest and geekiest watches on the planet.

Called the Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch it has in its innards a hybrid LCD/LED interface where the LCDC backlight provides an extra visibility boost to the always-on LED face. The touch display lets you change the modes/settings for the watch.

Now I know this question is just burning to be asked: how the hell do you tell the time on that gorgeous sucker? Well it’s actually pretty simple, the outside ring has twelve blocks that represent the hours, and then inside that are 60 smaller dots to mark the minutes. One of the neat features is that the two inner rings work the same way but for a different time zone.

The pocket watch comes encased in stainless steel and is available in four different colors – blue, red, green, and natural (who knew that was a ‘color’) – along with a 13.7 inch chain.

Now according to the folks over a Crave the watch is on sale at Toykoflash for $149.00 for the next 48 hours and then returns to its regular price of $169.00