Being A N00b In The Rough And Tumble World Of RUST

Being A N00b In The Rough And Tumble World Of RUST

I have a new gaming passion right now called Rust, but as with all passions it is a game that I both love and hate. It is also set of feelings that isn’t helped by the fact that I spend most of the time playing the game feeling like a cranky old fart of a n00b making his way through the new fangled gaming world of eye and hand coordination that left me behind years ago.

For those of you not familiar with the game; which chances are that you are not unless you are big into playing cutting edge online games, Rust has a very simple premise: survive in the world left behind an apocalyptic event (which currently is the ever popular zombie invasion).

That’s the simplest way to put what can be an incredibly fun, interesting, and addicting game. The reality is though it is a lot more complicated than that. Sure there are zombies to kill, before they kill you, in order to get better “goods” and there are bears and wolves out to kill you or boars to get food from.

However, depending on how you want to play the game, there is an even bigger enemy out there looking to take you out and that is the other players in the game. Now I said depending on how you want to play the game and this is where things get very interesting.

Within the online gaming world there are typically two types of play: player versus player (PvP) and player versus environment (PvE). The first is very similar to the deathmatch style of gaming that you see at competitions where the goal is basically to be the last person standing with all the goods. The second is more about you surviving, and prospering, as you fight to survive the environment of the game.

The interesting thing about Rust when you sit back and watch the game being played is that it can be a combination of both where you can form groups; which can be fluid and temporary, in order to survive both the environment and other players who have formed groups or act as raiders.

One of the funniest, and a good example of this survival between players and the environment has to be this clip from Dizzy Dizaster‘s live stream of the game on Twitch

As you can see from that video the “new arrival” Trey begins the game with nothing more than a rock to defend himself with (some servers enforce the no nudity setting in the game for newly spawned players). In the short clip you see how individuals can go from being helpful to – well – taking you out.

In this second clip however you get to see Dizzy and his “Dizaster’s” go on the offensive against another raiding team.

Those two clips will give you a good idea of both the different types of play as well as how some of the mechanics of the game work. Or course you also have the option to work as a lone agent building up your character and environment as well as forming a “loose” alliance with any of the groups that form out there in the Rust world (sort of more my play style).

But there is an even more interesting, and very social, dynamic that forms around a dominate player and the group they may form. If you watch the game long enough you will notice that when the dominate player forms a major base there will suddenly form around that main building a bunch of smaller huts of players who either will perform “farming” duties for the dominate player (group) or become dependant on that player for their sustenance and protection.

I have seen this happen many times on Rust streams of players like Summit1g (top image) and Cohh but less so on Dizzy’s because his play style is different that the other two.

However that dynamic can prove to be equally detrimental to the dominate player as raiders can blend in and then attack; which can be extremely frenetic when watched on a stream live. The reality is in the game of Rust there is no, or very little loyalty. It is as fluid as the very early alpha world you are playing in.

There in lies one of the biggest problems for anyone coming in fresh to the game. The most important rule in the game of Rust is as Dizzy has said on more than one occasion – you will die, and you will die a lot.

Whether it be from the environment of the game, like zombies, animals, and even starvation, or it is any of the other players on the server playing at that point – you will die. It won’t matter if you are naked with a rock and a torch or fully fully equipped with kevlar and the best guns – you will die and probably many times.

So where is the enjoyment in this you are probably asking. Well, I can’t really answer that because it will depend on who you are and what kind of game style you end up playing.  What I would suggest to any newcomers to Rust is that when you start playing prepare to die many times the first few times you log in to play. Get use to your controls for your character and for how you interact with your environment.

For example it took me dying two or three times, and checking a couple of game resource sites, to finally figure out how to even create a campfire and then use it to cook your food. It took an equal amount of time to survive and learn how to craft items. Admittedly those early days of playing I was very frustrated both by dying because I was still figuring out the environment mechanics or I was getting killed by other players.

There’s nothing more frustrating that having gotten to the point where you are feeling comfortable and surviving fairly well only to be doing some “farming” when I get shot from behind by another player and have all my trophies taken.

That said I love playing Rust and look forward to Dizzy turning on his Rust server for people to play on each evening, and this is another valuable point to make which might make your time playing more enjoyable.

When it comes to Rust servers to play on there are many “types”. Some are strictly PvP type servers where everything is up for grabs, including your character’s life. Others are more newbie friendly and PvE oriented where you can play the game and work with other players on the server to create something fun.

Then there are those that are a mixture of PvP and PvE where you can form groups and work towards building stuff but be ready for things like raiders, or opposing groups, to come in and wipe you out. Each server will have its own set of game rules so make sure that they match with how you want to play the game.

Another very important point to make here is how new this game is. Lets be clear Rust is an Alpha game, which means it is constantly being worked on and updated by the game developers. Things will change in the game and there will almost be certain a time or two when you will log in and find everything you have worked to build gone because of a server wipe. Hopefully this will happen less and less as the game moves to a final release but consider yourself warned.

Now one other thing I would strongly recommend to anyone either looking at getting the game or has it and playing for the first time is to check some of the resources out there. Personally I would recommend watching the live streams on Twitch because this accomplishes two things. First if you are interested in the game but aren’t sure if you want to spend the $20 this is a good way to judge its value and whether it is the type of game you want to play. Second you can also learn a lot from watching other players that might help you when you are playing.

When it comes to Twitch Rust stream (although the streamers may play other games sometimes) these are my suggestions:

Dizzy Dizaster: Dizzy is my favorite streamer, especially when it comes to Rust and SimCity. His play style is different from others but can be a lot of fun even just to sit and watch. Rust game style: PvP and PvE – on Twitter – on Facebook – on YouTube

CohhCarnage: Cohh is another really good Rust player and I have lost more than a few hours watching his stream but I have yet to play on his server. Rust game style: mostly PvE but doesn’t shrink from PvP  – on Twitter – on YouTube

Summit1g: Summit1g is a very popular streamer on Twitch and he will play a serious no holds barred type of game. – on Twitter – on Facebook – on YouTube

A couple of other Rust related resources:

Rust Wiki – personally I didn’t find much here of use for a newbie to the game. If there is enough interest I might do a series of posts targeting those types of players. Let me know in the comments if you would find that helpful.

PlayRustWiki – haven’t looked to closely at this one.

Anyway, as I said at the beginning I love playing rust, I hate dying but that is as I hope I have made very clear is part of the game. If you need help or just looking to have some fun playing Rust head over to Dizzy’s Twitch channel give him a follow and if he’s streaming Rust ask if you can join in (you’ll find me there as CrankyCanuck).

See you there and prepare to die.

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