A brilliant and beautiful steampunk short film

A brilliant and beautiful steampunk short film

As long time readers of this blog will know I have some serious steampunk and quality sci-fi short film love. There’s a lot of steampunk out there but because I’ve seen so much of it I’ve gotten even harder to impress and much the same can be said about the sci-fi short films.

So in the spirit of trying to bring you the best of both those things I bring you – Dr. Grordbort Presents: The Deadliest Game. This is a short film from the Media Design School and is based on the sci-fi world of Dr. Grordbort, a character created by writer and artist Greg Broadmore.

The whole film has a total steampunk look and feel but not over done which makes it doubly enjoyable.

And without further ado here you go.

via Geeks are Sexy